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Feel More Great Than Others, You Can Be Narcissistic

Have you ever met anyone who is too confident and never wants to accept other people's opinions? Or do you have a personality like that? Be careful, it could be including mental disorders called narcissistic personality disorder. Feeling a little narcissistic, selfish, and proud of yourself is human. But in extreme conditions, narcissistic including mental disorders that can affect physical and mental health. The cause of this condition is not known with certainty, but it may be related to a person's ability to manage stress. Recognize Narcissistic Character Someone who experiences narcissistic personality disorder feels that he is very important in all things, and has very low empathy for others. People with this disorder also have excessive self-confidence and are unhealthy, thinking that they are above all. In addition, there are several characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder sufferers that can be recognized: Be arrogant and feel that you need to be con